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We offer online store Buy Legal Highs USA Research Chemicals Onlinethe products are perfectly legal in the US (where the product contains substances banned in the country do not send packages out there, but most of the products is legal in the whole US and the world). In the implementation of foreign orders exclude entirely responsible for contracting in accordance with the Convention on transit trade.

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1. Each user during the registration process must provide correct information, minimum: name, email, etc.

2. When registering please provide a valid email address in your e-mail account – you will need to confirm operation of purchase of the product. When you are not … you have an email account, you can … be set up free of charge at one of the free services of e-mail accounts.

3. After passing successfully through the registration process you will receive information via email confirming a new account.

4. Administration of other people’s personal data (spoofing) or random data, eg.: Name of “satel” will result in the removal of such an account from the database.

5. If you purchase the products they will not want to buy his account will be disabled.


Buying products

1. Buying products can take place only in accordance with the principles established by the administrator.

2. Prices of products are administered in a manner visible to all, which buy products at different price is impossible.

3. Prices and the names and characteristics of the goods are verified when purchasing operations.

4. The shop owner reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract without giving any reason.

5. In the absence of the store ordered the product or products the customer will be informed of that fact within 48 hours.

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Return of goods and complaints

1. Any goods purchased can be returned within 2 weeks from the date of purchase, in the case where he will have a visible defect that prevents the use of it.

2. Shop not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of purchased products contrary to their purpose.

3. Do not we also accept returns of goods that have been damaged during transport or in the manner of their misuse.


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These regulations purchases is valid from 1 February 2018 until further notice. Buy Legal Highs USA Research Chemicals Online

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