Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

Buy 5-APB Benzofury Research Chemical 

We have combined  5-APB benzofury with hydrochloride, making it perfect for a variety of research purposes.

Its molecular formula is C11H13NO HCl, and it also goes by the name of 5-(2-amino-propyl)benzofuran.


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Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

Buy 5-APB Benzofury Research Chemical 

We have combined  5-APB benzofury with hydrochloride, making it perfect for a variety of research purposes.

Its molecular formula is C11H13NO HCl, and it also goes by the name of 5-(2-amino-propyl)benzofuran.

There is still a lot to learn about benzofury, and how it interacts with hydrochloride, but we do know that it affects the neuro-receptors in the brain, possibly acting as a stimulant. Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

Other effects of this chemical appear to be psychedelic and empathogenic in nature.Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

One should note though that the psychedelic effects caused by 5-APB are not as strong as similar effects caused by compounds with a similar structure.Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

This product is intended only for forensic or research purposes, and researchers should take all of the necessary precautions to prevent this chemical from coming into contact with their skin or eyes. Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

We offer this product in quantities of  1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams.
IUPAC: 5-(2-Aminopropyl)benzofuran
CAS#: 286834-81-9
Molecular Mass: 175.23 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C11H13NO

Where to buy 5- APB and its effects

General info about the chemical

5-APB is a research chemical also known as other names attributed to its chemical formula like 5- (2- Amino- Propyl) benzofuran and some other names by twisting the chemical structure. David Nichols, along with his team, synthesized this chemical for the first time in 1990s at the Purdue University. Currently, it is being used for various different research purposes and is not recommended for human usage. However, some recreational users have tried this chemical and told about their experience. The molecular formula of 5-APB is C11H13NO HCl.

Intended usage

Still, there is a lot more to learn about benzofuran and especially how it reacts with the hydrochloride. However, the scientists and researchers have confirmed some of the effects which include affecting neuro- receptors in the brain. The detailed effects of this chemical are mentioned below. Till now, the intended usage of this product has been limited to forensic and research purposes. It is the responsibility of the researcher, not to let the chemical come in contact with eyes or skin and make all the necessary precautions while experimenting with it. In the laboratory settings, this product is sold only for the research uses.

All those researchers who are working or experimenting with 5- APB are specially recommended to wear the safety gear and follow all the standard safety protocols while handling this drug. Some researchers have strictly prohibited the consumption of this chemical by the humans and have advised to seek medical assistance immediately if they have come in contact with this chemical accidently or on purpose.Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

Effects of 5- APB

Jedaburai (2013) has listed some of the effects as experienced by the recreational users after taking some dose of 5-APB. The users have reported mild visuals, enhanced music appreciation, euphorbia and sexual stimulation after using this chemical. Some of the users have started comparing 5- APB with MDMA because of these effects. However, researchers have said that both are totally different in terms of the dosage and duration. According to Jedaburai (2013), the duration of the effects of 5-APB will last from 9 to 10 hours, while the dosage ranges from 75 to 100 mg.

Some scientists have confirmed that the chemical acts on the neuro- receptors of the brain while acting as a stimulant. The researchers claim that 5- APB is empathogenic and psychedelic in nature based on the effects that it causes. There are other chemicals with a similar chemical structure as that of 5- APB, but they cause stronger effects as compared to 5-APB.

Where to Buy 5-APB

5- APB still needs more research so that the researchers can tell more about the advantages and harmful aspects of this chemical. Till that time, the substance is only available for forensic or scientific research and the human consumption is strictly prohibited. In order to prevent the unlawful use of this chemical, some countries have even banned it completely. However, it is available on many research chemical websites where the researchers or scientists can buy the chemical in the available quantity ranges. The websites have acquired the license and still, they don’t allow the buyers to use it for human consumption.Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

Buyer note

On all the websites or online research chemical stores where 5- APB is available, it is told that the chemical is currently being categorized as an experimental or research chemical which has not been approved for the human consumption and till the time it is being researched on, it is better for the buyer to follow the instructions and beware of the adverse effects of this chemical which could prove to be really fatal. If anybody wants to use this chemical for his or her research purpose, then go ahead and take care of all the precautions while experimenting with it.Buy 5-APB Research Chemicals Online

At the time, there is very less data available about the effects of this chemical on the humans. There are many people who are willing to ingest this chemical 5- APB and tell about their experience as some of the recreational users already did. But still it is unreasonable to assume that it will be safe if used recreationally. There is a probability of any long term fatal disease or health condition and in order to prevent any unfortunate incident, the drug is being recommended unsafe for human consumption. So, if you are buying this chemical, visit the top research chemical stores online and order your quantity of this chemical while making sure it is only for research purpose.

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