Diclazepam is a benzodiazepine analogue, first synthesized by Leo Sternbach and his team at Hoffman-La Roche in 1960 It is an analog of diazpam (valium).
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Don’t combined with depressants like opiates, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, gabapentinoids or alcohol. After a prolonge use don’t discontinued abruptly, it has to be taper.

1mg is equivalent to 10mg diazepam

Technical information
Trivial name: Diclazepam
IUPAC: 7-chloro-5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1-methyl-1,3-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one
CAS: 2894-68-0
Molecular weight: 319.18
Purity: ≥99%
Appearance: 1mg per 1 x 1cm blotter square

Stable in a dry storage

Stable at maximun recomended temperatura of 30ªC


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Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS OnlineDiclazepam (Ro5-3448), also known as chlorodiazepam and 2′-chloro-diazepam, is a benzodiazepine designer drug and functional analog of diazepam.

It was first synthesized by Leo Sternbach and his team at Hoffman-La Roche in 1960.[2] It is not currently approved for use as a medication, but rather sold as a recreational drug and research chemical.

Efficacy and safety have not been tested in humans.Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online

In animal models, its effects are similar to diazepam, possessing long-acting anxiolyticanticonvulsanthypnoticsedativeskeletal muscle relaxant, and amnestic properties.[citation needed]


Metabolism of this compound has been assessed,[1] revealing diclazepam has an approximate elimination half-life of 42 hours and undergoes N-demethylation to delorazepam, which can be detected in urine for 6 days following administration of the parent compound.

 Other metabolites detected were lorazepam and lormetazepam which were detectable in urine for 19 and 11 days, respectively, indicating hydroxylation by cytochrome P450 enzymes occurring concurrently with N-demethylation. Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online.

What is Diclazepam?

Diclazepam is basically a synthetic depressant substance that belongs to a chemical class of benzodiazapines, and is related to diazepam in its properties. Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online

The benzodiazepines contain a basic benzene ring that is linked with a seven membered diazepine ring, having two nitrogen constituents located at R1 and R4. Chemically, the Diclazepam has same structure, instead at R1 position, the Diclazepam is replaced with a methyl group.

The benzodiazepine ring is linked to a ring of 2-chlorinated phenyl at R5, and also a chlorine group is attached at R7 of benzyl ring. The Diclazepam also contains a ketone group that is formed by the double bonding of oxygen group to diazepine ring at R2 position. Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online

This characteristic oxygen substitution at R2 position is similar in all benzodiazepine drugs, hence the suffix ?azepam is given to them. Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online

In 1960 at Hoffman-La Roche, Leo Sternbach with his team work together to first conduct its synthesizes. Buy DICLAZEPAM 1mg BLOTTERS Online

At present, it is only accessible through online as a research chemical. It is currently not available in market as a medicated compound because extensive investigations of potency after administration in humans aren’t been analyzed, though its two metabolites were found to be closely related to lometazepam, and potency value of ?10 greater than diazepam.

It has low toxicity relative to dose but it is an extremely potent drug, so it is dispensed as volumetric liquid dosing in a non-polar solvent to avoid inaccurate dosing and expected harm is reduced. It becomes poisonous when mixed with other depressants like opioids or alcohol.

As it belongs to benzodiazepine class, it shares the same physically and psychologically addictive and tolerance potential, so sudden discontinuation of Diclazepam produces life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. So, it is advisable that taper one dose gradually by lowering the quantity taken each day over a span of time.

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